Webflow Development case study

See how we revamped Saral marketing site & increase their Conversion by 3x

Flowtrix is proud to have helped Saral re-design their website and give it a refresh. We have developed and hosted the site on Webflow.


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Problem & Challenges

Saral's website was cluttered with excessive text and lacked visual appeal, making it hard for visitors to understand the SaaS product's benefits. This poor design and unclear messaging led to low user engagement and conversions, necessitating a comprehensive redesign to enhance communication and user experience.

Poor Design

Usability Issues

User drop off

Perfomance Issues

How we solved it

We redesigned Saral's website using Figma, creating a clean, modern layout with visuals and interactive elements. Clear messaging and strategic call-to-action buttons, along with SEO optimization, improved user experience and increased conversion rates.

Services provided

Website Re-design

We redesigned Saral's website in Figma, creating a responsive, engaging site that improved user experience and conversions.

Fluid development

We used Webflow to create a responsive, engaging website for Saral, boosting user experience and conversions.

SEO & Perfomance

We enhanced Saral's website, improving SEO and performance to boost user experience and conversions.

Tools used


Webflow is a visual web design platform that enables responsive, professional websites without extensive coding.


Figma is a collaborative design tool for creating user interfaces and prototypes in real time.


Client-First is a set of guidelines and strategies to help us build Webflow websites.


Attributes is a powerful
no-code/low-code solution for
adding advanced functionality
to your Webflow website

Research & Audit

Website Audit & creating sitemap

We do the website audit and sitemap review for analyzing the site's structure, performance, and content to optimize usability and SEO.


Project Production Estimation

We create a plan which involves forecasting the time, resources, and costs needed to complete a project efficiently.


High-fidelity Wireframes

We create wireframes that are detailed, realistic representations of a website, showcasing design elements and functionality.

Visual & Design

Visual Design of the Website

We focus on enhancing the website's aesthetics and user experience through the use of color, imagery, typography, and layout.

“If you're looking for a webflow agency, don't look beyond Flowtrix. They're top-notch to work with. I usually have very unique needs and ideas, which they're able to turn into reality.”

Yash Chavan

Founder & CEO,


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